Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chinese White Sliced Chicken (bak chit gai)


No traditional Chinese dinner would be complete without Bak Chit Gai. Such a simple yet tasty dish that is so revered. Most Malaysians are always on a quest to find the best places that serve Bak Chit Gai but are too intimidated to cook it at home. Give this recipe a try and you might never want to eat out again.

1). 1 whole free-range organic chicken
2). Kosher salt.

1). Clean chicken by rubbing salt on it and rinse thoroughly.
2). Boil water in a pot that is big enough to immerse the whole chicken.
3). Place chicken into the boiling water, breast side down. Make sure it is fully immersed in the water. Turn off heat and cover the pot.
4). Leave the chicken for 40 minutes then remove it from the pot and place it aside.
5). Bring the water to a boil again, place the chicken in, cover the pot, and turn off the heat again.
6) Leave the chicken for 30 minutes.
7). In the meantime, prepare an ice bath for the chicken. Use pot with filled with ice cubes and and enough cold water to immerse the whole chicken.
8). Transfer the chicken into the ice bath and leave it until it has thoroughly cooled down.
9). Debone and slice chicken into bite size pieces. Arrange on plate and it is ready be served.

Chicken Rice

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